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Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Paramus NJ, New Jersey – Bergen County Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck consistently gets high marks for helping flatten and firm up the mid-section. Dr. Breslow and Dr. Greaney have performed hundreds of tummy tuck procedures (or abdominoplasties) in Paramus, New Jersey, far exceeding our patients’ expectations.

tummy tuck surgery, paramus

Exercise and diet can only do so much when it comes to ridding your midsection of excess skin and excess fat. Your body is programmed to store fat in certain areas, this makes weight loss difficult and significant weight loss extremely difficult. Stomachs are one of those places, that’s why a muffin top is so common. Weakened skin elasticity and postpartum abdominal muscle separation make the issue even harder to deal with. Candidates often tried dieting and exercise for weight loss, only to find that even with the strictest self-discipline, they weren’t seeing the hourglass shape or six-pack abs they were hoping for… here is where the tummy tuck surgery comes in.

  • Eliminates unwanted excess skin and fat for a flatter, firmer stomach that for most, cannot be achieved with weight loss
  • Gives you more contours and a more defined muscle tone around your abdomen
  • Tightens loose skin and abdominal skin so that it no longer sags or looks crepey (this is often called a pooch)
  • Fixes separated ab muscles so your stomach doesn’t bulge out
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks on the skin for a better complexion
  • Reshapes your belly button for a more youthful appearance

The tummy tuck procedure is an effective option for the average plus size male and female. If you are overweight but not considered obese the tummy tuck procedure may be a good option for you since it is a weight loss procedure. Men and women of a significant weight does have risks. You’re more at risk for infection, you need to be in good health to undergo surgery. Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. You don’t want to get the surgery too soon if you still have a lot of weight to lose in your weight loss journey, but you also don’t want to get the surgery done if you can’t commit to a healthy lifestyle. If you experience weight gain you’ll likely regain fat in your stomach area. Pregnancy and childbirth is another reason to hold off, pregnancies often change the final result. You may also find after you have children you may have a larger goal, this is a great time to explore costs and choices. A mommy makeover may be something you want to consider which we offer as well!


Why you should get your tummy tuck at The Breslow Center

There are several abdominoplasty surgeons out there in Bergen County New Jersey who perform tummy tucks, but only The Breslow Center For Plastic Surgery can offer you these unique advantages with our tummy tuck procedure in Paramus:

1. You’ll benefit from over a decade of experience, based on hundreds of tummy tucks performed

Our tummy tuck surgeon, Dr. Breslow, has over a decade of experience in abdominoplasty & plastic surgery. At the Breslow Center, we have performed hundreds of tummy tuck procedures, exceeding our patients’ expectations of the tummy tuck. In fact, many of our current tummy tuck patients have been referred to us by former patients who were so pleased with their abdominoplasty results that they told their family and friends to come to us for a tummy tuck, too!


2. Your surgery will take place in a private surgical facility

There’s nothing more inconvenient than having your tummy tuck consultation, tummy tuck procedure, and post-op appointments at different places. The Breslow Center’s abdominoplasty surgeries are performed in the same building, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. Our Surgical Center fulfills high standards of patient care: it’s Medicare certified, recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), and staffed by licensed and board certified medical professionals at all times.

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3. You’ll benefit from our superior suturing techniques, for stronger muscle repair

Abdominal muscles separate, this is also known as recti diastasis. Separation of abdominal muscles can cause the stomach to bulge so much that you may look pregnant even when you’re not. This can be corrected by suturing the separated abdominal muscles together. Unfortunately, inadequate suturing techniques can easily unravel, rendering the tummy tuck surgery pointless and even causing serious complications during the procedure.

Dr. Breslow takes great care when correcting recti diastasis, applying permanent internal sutures in the abdominal muscles using a crisscross pattern during the tuck procedure. This tightens the muscles and keeps them firmly in place, so your results won’t come undone later.

4. You’ll receive routine follow-up care so that we can keep a close eye on your abdominoplasty recovery

Your tummy tuck recovery is probably the most important part of your tummy tuck procedure. That’s when you need to rest to help the healing process and take care of yourself in order to heal from your surgery and finally see the results you’ve been waiting for. We will give you a complete list of post-op instructions for you to follow closely to help you heal, but we feel that this may not be enough after your procedure.

Many tuck patients often feel nervous in the days and weeks after their tummy tuck due to the swelling, bruising and discomfort caused by the tummy tuck/abdominoplasty. Concerns and questions may arise, adding unnecessary stress that could actually delay recovery.

Our primary concern is your safety and satisfaction: we care about you as our patient and want you to feel tended to. This is why we arrange several follow up appointments so that we can closely monitor your abdominoplasty recovery and resolve any concerns you may have. Your first follow up is scheduled just a day or two after your tummy tuck surgery. We then routinely follow up with patients in the weeks, months, and even a year after they’ve undergone tummy tuck surgery.

Your first abdominoplasty consultation

The first step to a new you is your tummy tuck consultation with our talented board-certified plastic surgeon. During your tummy tuck consultation, you’ll meet with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Breslow, who will evaluate your health history and take the time to listen to your aesthetic rejuvenation goals.

Based on this information, you’ll be offered the treatment plan that best suits your situation, be it a full abdominoplasty or a modified approach, such as a mini tummy tuck, which is a procedure that requires smaller incisions, less extensive anatomic dissection and shorter operating times. A mini tummy tuck is a procedure that focuses on tightening and flattening the skin below the lower abdomen, it does not address sagging above the navel.

How the tummy tuck surgery process works

You’ll undergo tummy tuck surgery at our fully accredited surgical facility under general anesthesia. Depending on how complex your needs are, the entire tummy tuck procedure may take no longer than three hours.

However, our doctor and staff require that tummy tuck patients stay at a nursing facility overnight to ensure their safety and availability in the immediate post-operative period if any changes arise.

To perform full abdominoplasty (the most common type of tummy tuck surgery), liposuction of the abdomen is done first if necessary to remove excess fat and abdominal skin. Also known as lipoabdominoplasty, this technique will improve your waistline contour for better results.

A horizontal incision along the skin tissue will extend from one hipbone to the other is then made in the upper section of the pubic region close to the bikini line. This allows for the removal of excess abdominal skin.

Any existing muscle separation is repaired with permanent internal sutures placed in your abdominal muscle fascia, using a crisscross pattern during the tummy tuck. This tightens your muscles and gives them greater tone.

The remaining skin after excess skin is removed is pulled taut while caring for the collagen fibers in your skin and the incision is closed. A second incision is made, concealed within the navel, to adjust the position of your belly button so it is in line with your newly contoured abdomen. Then, this incision is closed and your tummy tuck surgery is finished.

You’ll love your tighter, toned stomach!

Your tummy tuck recovery: quick facts

  • Expect some soreness and to stay home for 7-10 days. Your doctor will have a discussion with you on your strength and when it is appropriate for you to return to work.
  • Most of the swelling and bruising decreases within 4-6 weeks.
  • Return to driving after 1 week.
  • Return to abdominal activity after 3 months.
  • Scars on the skin run from hip to hip, below the underwear, and around the belly button. A small vertical scar may also exist (about 1-2 inches) from the center, where most of the tension is.
  • Sutures around belly button are removed at 10-14 days.
  • You’ll have two drains, one on either side of your abdomen, for 2-3 weeks. One drain will be removed, then 24 hours later, the second will be removed for your safety.
  • Treatments like antibiotics and other medications are taken until the drains are removed. Be sure to take all prescribed medication on time.
  • Up to one year to see final results.
  • get up and move to sustain blood flow, which prevents blood clots
  • No smoking

Five things to do during your recovery

1. For about 2 weeks, you won’t have the ability to stand straight up. Always flex at the hips and take slower steps. This will reduce tension on your incisions and prevent a widening of the scar. You might experience back pain so be sure to use your thighs and quad muscles when flexing. Do not do any heavy lifting, have a person or people do those things on your behalf since you will be in no condition to do so.

2. Make sure to wear your abdominal binder (a compression garment) for the recommended period of tummy tuck recovery. This is usually 6-8 weeks. Compression garments help minimize swelling and bruising of your tissues so you can recover faster and see your results sooner from your tummy tuck.

3. Sleep in a beach chair or lounger for two weeks and then on your back for six weeks. This will promote healing and help with comfort.

4. To minimize scarring follow the instructions given after the tuck procedure is completed, practice good hygiene, and make sure the surrounding skin and incisions are covered up from the sun. Steri strips and other dressings are often used so you will want to make sure those are left on.

5. Attend all of your follow up office appointments at the appropriate location so that your recovery is monitored. Although complications from the procedure are rare, your appointments will also allow us to see if anything abnormal develops so the problems can be addressed in a timely fashion. The schedule of your follow up visits is:

  • 1-2 days after tummy tuck surgery with a PA or nurse
  • 1 week with a surgeon
  • 1 month with a surgeon
  • 3 months with a surgeon
  • 6 months
  • One year

Your Flat, Firm Stomach After Abdominoplasty In Paramus

You can look forward to wearing clothes that show off your flatter stomach with your improved self confidence that you got from getting a tummy tuck, without feeling self-conscious after your tummy tuck. Imagine wearing a bathing suit without having to worry about how you look, because you’ll know that you look great.

There’s no point in pursuing options that won’t give you the flatter stomach you deserve. Call now to book your private medical consultation with Dr. Breslow or fill out the contact form below.

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