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Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover Surgery

Mommy Makeover Paramus NJ

Having children is one of life’s greatest joys. It is common for a mother to dislike the way that pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect their figures. Pregnancy — especially multiple pregnancies — often leaves women with loose excess skin that hangs off the body, specifically the abdomen.

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Pregnancy can also severely weaken the abdominal muscles or cause them to separate so that no amount of diet and exercise will restore muscle tone throughout the midsection. In addition, breastfeeding can wreak havoc on a woman’s breasts, causing them to sag or appear deflated. Some women even remark that their breasts are smaller in size than they were before they had a baby.

Thankfully, mothers who are struggling with the cosmetic effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding have a solution: cosmetic mommy makeovers in Paramus NJ.

Undergoing surgical procedures in Paramus, which is located in Bergen County, New Jersey, under the care of Dr. Gary D. Breslow can restore the look of mothers’ pre-baby bodies.

What Mommy Makeover Surgery Entails

A mommy makeover is not simply one cosmetic procedure. Instead, it is a combination of surgeries designed to address the common body aesthetic concerns that many mothers share.

Although mommy makeover surgery typically includes abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) and breast surgery to adjust breast size (with or without silicone or saline implants), Dr. Breslow can customize a mommy makeover treatment plan that addresses each patient’s unique needs and goals for their body. A mommy makeover procedure can consist of any of the following services if you’re the right candidate:


A stomach pooch is common after giving birth to a child. The muscles, skin, and tissues have been stretched to a point that they can’t get back to what they were previously. Tummy tucks in the Paramus area tighten the abdominal area back up.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding can stretch the breast muscles and skin and reduce breast volume. This can result in a change in the shape of your breasts. A mastopexy (a breast lift), breast augmentation, or breast reduction can give individuals the changes and confidence they’re looking for. Whether it is to get rid of any discomfort to the neck and shoulders, or simply because the individual is looking for bigger, smaller, or higher breasts.


Pregnancy can change where fat sits on the body and this fat can become resistant to exercise and diet. With body contouring procedures you can easily get rid of stubborn fat, the type of body contouring procedure needed will be determined by your doctor.


Pregnancy can cause unwanted pockets of fat that extremely hard to get rid of. Liposuction removes these pockets of fat from your thighs, arms, stomach, hips, and chin. This weight-loss procedure can give people an overall change in their appearance.


During and after childbirth the labia can become large and/or uneven. During a labiaplasty, any excess labial tissue is removed by the doctor and then the vagina is reshaped.


Skin is very sensitive to hormone changes which can cause Melasma or dark patches of skin to appear during pregnancy. Fortunately, there is a way to fix this. Melasma can be treated with laser skin resurfacing which is a process that gently diminishes the pigmented skin cells. Botox is another great facial rejuvenation option as well. They are injectables used to get rid of wrinkles and restore facial volume in certain locations on the face.


A sagging buttock is common among new mothers, pregnancy can change your body greatly it may not be as shapely as it used to be. Butt lifts do not involve any type of implant, instead, fat deposits are taken from places the patient doesn’t want excess fat on their figure and is then injected into the buttocks.

Body Procedures

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What to Expect During Surgery

Mommy makeover surgery is an outpatient plastic surgery procedure, performed with the use of general anesthesia. The operation takes about four hours, depending on which procedures are included.

For a mommy makeover that involves multiple plastic surgery procedures like a breast lift (with or without breast implants) and a tummy tuck, Dr. Breslow first performs a breast lift. The mommy makeover surgeon makes an incision in the breast area. There are three main incision techniques for these procedures & treatments.

For a breast lift, the first incision option is a “donut-shaped” incision that goes around the outer border of the areola (the darker-colored skin surrounding the nipples). The second incision from our plastic surgeons is a “lollipop-shaped” incision that combines the previous incision pattern with a vertical incision that extends down the front of the breast. The third incision approach involves the first two incision patterns along with a horizontal incision that is placed under the natural breast crease.

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Dr. Breslow will recommend the incision approach that best addresses each patient’s body and degree of breast ptosis or sagginess to get the best makeover result.

Once the incision(s) has been made, the surgeon removes any extra skin from the body, if needed. He then reshapes the breast tissue mound while moving it to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing position on the chest wall.

If the patient would like to restore or enhance the volume of her breasts, the surgeon can place implants during this phase of the operation. Dr. Breslow leaves the breast incisions open while he performs abdominoplasty; that way, he can adjust the position of the breasts after tummy tuck surgery, if necessary, to ensure they are aligned with the new abdominal contour and that they will fit the body properly.

To perform tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Breslow makes a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen, extending from hipbone to hipbone. The incision is strategically placed in an area that is easily concealed by the bikini or underwear line.

The surgeon eliminates extra skin and then places permanent internal sutures in the abdominal muscle fascia to tighten the musculature and hold it in place following the procedure. He re-drapes the remaining skin, pulling it taut, and closes the incision.

Using a second incision placed in the navel, he adjusts the position of the belly button, so it is aligned with the firmer, flatter abdominal profile. Finally, after he is satisfied with the positioning of the breasts in relation to the abdomen, he closes the breast incisions. The surgeon and staff dress the treatment areas with soft bandages and places a surgical bra over the breasts. The makeover will end and the patient will be moved to recovery, the doctors will go over symptoms you may experience, medications you need, and activities you should avoid. You will be asked to come back for an evaluation to make sure everything is healing properly. You most likely won’t have sensation for a little while after your surgery.

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Mommy makeovers can help transform the patient’s body back to what it was before pregnancy/childbirth. To schedule a personal consultation appointment with Dr. Breslow or learn more about the mommy makeover treatment options, contact the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery in Paramus NJ by calling (201) 444-9522. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have! We will address any concerns or questions you have involving safety, cost, financing, risk, history, and more!

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