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BBL Laser Hair Removal

BBL Laser Hair Removal

The Breslow Center Medical Spa in Paramus, New Jersey offers BBL photoepilation as a way of effectively reducing unwanted face and body hair.

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Photoepilation, or “hair removal using light,” safely and effectively eliminates unwanted hair as well as hair regrowth while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.

This popular laser hair removal procedure is performed at our New Jersey practice with our state-of-the-art Sciton system. Laser hair removal is designed to permanently reduce hair from all areas of the body including the upper lip, neck, underarms, chest, periareolar, back, stomach, bikini line, and legs.

BBL hair removal works by targeting and eliminating hair follicles at the root. The precision of the Sciton system allows the unwanted hair to be treated in a way that does not injure the surrounding skin. This state-of-the-art technology cools your skin as the treatment is taking place, ensuring minimal discomfort.

Award Winning Hair Removal Technology

Although a single treatment session can produce results, the full benefit of BBL hair removal is usually achieved through multiple sessions. This is because hair is effectively targeted only during its growth phase.

Since your hair is never in the growth phase all at the same time, multiple treatments are usually required to produce the desired results. Touchups may be required, but once eliminated unwanted hair remains gone for quite some time and tends to grow back lighter and less coarse.

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Cutera HR is our newest hair reduction technology that has made its new home in our office. First in its class, it doesn’t deliver the heat of traditional hair removal devices, thanks to its cooling tip.Cutera
Unlike traditional IPL devices, Cutera HR treatment is safe during summer months and is a solution for African-American and Afro-Latino skin tones.

4-6 treatments are typical, however, less treatments may be necessary depending on your regrowth.

For a hair reduction treatment plan, please give our office a call to schedule a consultation.


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