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Brow Lift Surgery

Brow Lift Surgery

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Gary Breslow and Dr. Patrick Greaney, offer individuals in Paramus, New Jersey, cosmetic brow lift surgery. With surgical brow lift, Dr. Breslow provides patients with an elevated eyebrow line. The result is a rejuvenated and happier look overall.


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What Brow Lift Surgery Accomplishes

The surgeons of the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery perform brow lift surgery to raise a sagging eyebrow line that hangs too low over the eyes. Raising a drooping brow line improves the look of severe forehead wrinkles, including the furrows that extend horizontally across the forehead, making patients appear worried, frustrated or depressed. The procedure can also address the vertical lines that often appear in between the eyebrows, as well as crow’s feet, the network of fine lines that develop around the outer corners of the eyes. Whether the drooping eyebrow line is an inherited genetic trait that has been present since youth or a more recent occurrence that has developed with age, brow lift surgery can help.

The Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Breslow & Dr. Greaney perform endoscopic brow lift surgery, when medically appropriate for patients. The endoscopic approach to brow lift involves making multiple small incisions above the hairline, through which the surgical instruments are inserted. As the name of the technique suggests, one of the main surgical instruments that are used in endoscopic surgery is an endoscope, which is a long, thin device with a camera on the end of it. The camera relays a video feed from the interior of the treatment area onto a monitor in the operating room, allowing the surgeon to watch the progress of surgery.

forehead wrinkles

In contrast to the traditional “open” approach to brow lift surgery, which involves making a longer incision along the inside of the hairline (i.e., a coronal, or headphone-shaped, incision), the less-invasive endoscopic method typically requires a faster and less intense recovery period. However, the endoscopic approach to brow lift surgery yields the same rejuvenating results.

For patients with a hairline that is too high to accommodate endoscopic brow lift, the surgeon may make a trichophytic, or a wavy, incision along the hairline to decrease the height of the forehead skin.

Individuals who do not have facial lines in between their eyebrows might be suitable candidates for temporal brow lift surgery, which requires smaller incisions that are made at the temples of the forehead, within the scalp region. Although this technique is less invasive than the others, it only lifts the outer portion of the brow line.

During consultation the doctor will assess the degree of rejuvenation needed throughout the brow line, the height of the forehead and other factors to determine the best approach to help the patient achieve his or her desired results. The surgeon may also recommend combining brow lift surgery with another procedure, such as eyelid surgery, to provide a refreshed look throughout the upper face; or BOTOX Cosmetic treatment, to optimize the rejuvenating effects of the procedure and help prevent forehead furrows, or “worry” lines, from reappearing.

Eliminate Bothersome Forehead Furrows

With brow lift surgery, patients can achieve a lifted brow line and eliminate bothersome forehead furrows, for a younger, worry-free look.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Breslow or Dr. Greaney to learn more about brow lift surgery, contact the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery by calling (201) 444-9522.

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