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Breast Lift-Mastopexy Surgery

Breast Lift-Mastopexy Surgery

Breast Lift Paramus NJ

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures among women who are older, have had children, and/or have lost a significant amount of weight. Breast lift surgery is a great option for women who aren’t happy with the cup size and shape of their breasts, and want to fix the droopy (“ptosis”) appearance of their chest.


Aging, weight fluctuations and pregnancy can have a dramatic impact on your breasts’ appearance, which is why many women opt for breast lift surgery. The areolas and nipples may also get bigger and stretched out. Gravity and a natural decrease in estrogen production are both to blame, as the skin tissue’s weakening elasticity can the breasts to droop. And left unresolved, the problem of breast drooping will only get worse with time as nature continues to take its course. Where once they sat high on your chest, with time they can appear saggy (ptoic), lie flatter against your chest, and point downward instead of forward. Because of this, many patients go to Dr. Breslow or Dr. Greaney for a breast lift to fix these problems.

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Recent surgery statistics compiled by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that some 100,000 breast lift procedures are performed every year across North America.

Another study by the ASPS found that 91% of women who had cosmetic breast lift surgery, which includes a breast lift, experienced improved self-esteem after their surgery. The average rating for their breast lift results was a staggering 9.2 out of 10! In addition to the positive effects the surgery has on self-esteem, a breast lift can also make a positive impact on sexual satisfaction, as found through surveys done by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that:

  • Makes the breasts perkier
  • Reshapes the breasts so that they project more and lie less flattened against the body
  • Recenters the nipples and areolas so that they look forward and not downward
  • Reduces the size of the areolas
  • Reclaims lost fullness and firmness of the breast
  • Reduces irritation and inflammation in the breast crease (inframammary fold)
  • Helps the bra fit better on your breast
  • Produces a more flattering breast cleavage
  • Corrects breast asymmetry
  • Improves the overall body contour by giving patients curves where they want them
  • Helps women look and feel younger

Breast Procedures

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The only way for you to receive the care and see the breast lift results you’re hoping for is by selecting the right breast lift surgeon in Paramus NJ and facility to perform your breast lift. Breast drooping can occur by the presence of excess skin, which happens when the breast expands, thus increasing the breast volume. Breast drooping happens during weight gain, pregnancy, breast ptosis and even breastfeeding. Therefore, women of different ages can be a candidate for this surgery. Our plastic surgeons have helped thousands of women achieve their aesthetic goals via a breast lift. Our breast lift patients choose The Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery because only we can offer them the following unique traits:

  • You’ll be able to get perkier and larger breasts at the same time, preventing sag

If you’d like to increase your breast size as well, a breast lift can be combined with breast augmentation surgery. Known as augmentation mastopexy, our breast lift surgery patients in Paramus have experienced great improvement in their appearance by having these two procedures performed at the same time, which prevents breast sag. In the breast lift surgery (single stage), your breasts will be lifted and increased in size, with the placement of implants, to make them perkier and more voluptuous; this is often done with a fat transfer. You won’t need two separate breast surgeries for this, which means that you won’t have to waste time or go through two separate recovery periods after the surgery. Imagine the complete, more dramatic rejuvenation of your bustline you’ll experience! If you look at any breast lift patient testimonial, the outcome of your breast lift procedure is perfect symmetry, improvements in self-confidence, and having your expectations blown away.

  • The Breslow Center’s expert surgery technique minimizes scarring and downtime

One of the biggest concerns you probably have for a breast lift procedure is scarring, and we understand this. Our experienced breast lift plastic surgeon in Paramus NJ 07652 takes the greatest of care creating the shortest possible incision in an area that remains well hidden by undergarments and bandages, ensuring that your scars will be barely noticeable.

In addition, we provide you with a complete list of instructions on how to care for your breast lift scars over the so they properly heal into thin, light lines. We also have a variety of non-surgical breast lift scar treatments available that you may want to consider to further minimize their appearance. Don’t worry – we’ll design a complete breast lift scar therapy treatment plan for you! There are many breast lift options and choices that are available to you, and the breast lift cost depends on many factors, such as the implant size and shape, as well as if you choose silicone gel or saline implants.

  • You won’t need to have stitches taken out

Unlike other breast lift surgical centers in Paramus, NJ, we only use absorbable stitches. That means you won’t have to get your stitches taken out a couple weeks after your breast lift surgery, an experience that can be irritating and even painful. All you have to do is wait while your absorbable sutures dissolve, leaving your breast lift incisions completely closed and ready to start your topical scar treatment.

  • You’ll benefit from the talent of an internationally renowned, board certified surgeon

Dr. Gary D. Breslow is our award-winning board certified plastic surgeon. He’s been practicing for over a decade and has performed numerous breast lifts throughout his career. He has been recognized by a number of leading professional medical organizations for achieving a level of excellence that very few surgeons have attained. His awards include:

  • NJ Top Docs Top Doctor
  • Castle Connolly Top Doctors
  • American Institute of Plastic Surgeons 10 Best Client Satisfaction
  • RealSelf Top Doctor

No wonder so many of our current breast surgery patients in Paramus are actually referrals from previous breast lift patients!

  • Your breast lift will be conducted in our private medical facility in Paramus

You won’t have to travel far to have your breast lift surgery, because it will take place in the same building as where your breast lift consultations are held. Our private surgical facility, the Saddle River Valley Surgical Center, is a fully accredited surgical facility licensed by the state of New Jersey. It is Medicare certified and recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Private, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and designed with your comfort in mind, our breast lift patients often comment on how much better our surgical facility is than their local hospital!

  • Our dedicated medical team will offer you personalized care

Our physician assistant, licensed nurses and anesthetists have all been hand-picked by our doctors for their experience, impeccable bedside manner and dedication to patient safety after the patient’s breast lift. They’ve also been with us for quite some time, which means the level of trust and collaborative spirit among our team members is stronger than what you’d find in local hospitals, where medical staff often come and go.

  • The breast lift consultation process in Paramus will allow you to determine which exact treatment is right for you

The breast lift consultation process is the time when you’ll be able to find out what treatment is right for you. It’s also when you can find out more about us, ensuring you that you’re choosing the right surgeon to perform your breast lift. For this reason, we always take the time to answer all of your questions and address your concerns about the surgery in a thorough, lengthy consultation.

We’ll examine your medical history and perform three-dimensional imaging to give you a better sense of the breast lift results you can expect. Your breasts will be assessed to determine the level of sagging (ptosis), based on the quality of your skin and the position of your nipples and areolas in relation to your breast fold. We never rush you because surgery is an important decision, and we want to make sure you’re fully informed of your breast lift options.

Do You Have Before and After Pictures Of A Breast Lift Procedure?

Yes, we have before and after pictures from breast lift procedures, you can find them here:

Actual patients of The Breslow Center. Click here to see more.


Based on your unique physiology (breast shape) and aesthetic goals, one of four breast lift techniques may be recommended to you based on the measurements of your breasts and desired outcome. These techniques are primarily based on the type of incision.


Also known as a Benelli lift or concentric mastopexy, a donut incision surgery involves creating two incisions during the breast lift: one immediately around the outer circumference of your areola, and a second a little beyond that but also around the areola (incisions around the areola are technically referred to as circumareolar.) A donut shaped piece of tissue is removed, and the incision is sutured together to create a minor lift. The resulting scar is barely visible along the outer, pigmented and textured edge of the areola. This technique is suitable for breasts that are only mildly to moderately sagging.


The lollipop incision is also known as a vertical breast lift. In addition to the donut incision, another incision is made from the bottom of the areola down to the breast fold. A deep layer of tissue is sutured and any excess is removed to support a perkier contour. The resulting scar appears around the areola and down to the breast fold, in the shape of a lollipop – hence the name. This surgery technique is suitable to correct mild to moderate sagging.


The anchor breast lift, also known as the inverted T or Wise pattern, involves an incision around the areola, vertically down to the breast fold, as well as a short horizontal one within the breast fold. While this technique has the most scarring, it can achieve a more dramatic lift for patients with moderate to severe sagging, enlarged areolas, and a lot of loose skin. As a result, it has the highest rate of satisfaction among patients and remains the most popular type of breast lift.


The crescent lift gets its name from the crescent shaped skin above the areola that is excised during the breast lift procedure. When the skin edges are sutured closed, the nipple is raised by a few centimeters. It’s a popular method because the incision enables doctors to reshape breast tissue and insert implants either above or below the muscle, leaving only a small scar along the top of the areola. But it also has its downsides: only a minimal amount of lift can be achieved, not all sizes and types of implants will fit, and the majority of women desire a bigger boost than this surgery method can deliver.

If you are having breast augmentation performed at the same time, an additional incision to allow for placement of the implants will not be required – your breast implants will be placed through the breast lift incision.

breast lift incisions


Your breast lift surgery will take about 2 hours in our Paramus clinic. General anesthesia and intravenous sedation are administered in the operating room for your comfort and healing. The selected surgery technique will be applied and internal sutures may be placed to create longer-lasting results.

Once the breasts have been reshaped and repositioned to achieve your desired results, the incisions will be closed. Your breasts will then be wrapped in soft gauze dressings and a surgical bra that you should continue to wear throughout your recovery as advised.

The recovery period is when you’ll need to rest and take care of yourself. Swelling, bruising and discomfort will all subside gradually over the next few months. Make sure to follow all of the post-operative instructions given to you so you can heal faster and see the results you’ve been waiting for.

But just because your breast surgery is over doesn’t mean that you’ll be on your own – we’ll still be there, closely monitoring your recovery. To do this, we’ll schedule a series of follow-up appointments to ensure that you’re on the right track:

  1. A day or two after your surgery, with a PA or nurse
  2. A week after with your surgeon
  3. A month after with your surgeon
  4. 3 months after with your surgeon
  5. One year after surgery with your surgeon

And don’t be shy if you have any questions or concerns about your condition. You’re always welcome to contact us or schedule another appointment in our plastic surgery clinic in Paramus, NJ if you feel the need. It’s our commitment to you and your entire satisfaction. After the surgery, contact us or talk to your doctor if you experience any side effects from the medications, or if there is any kind of bleeding from the underside of your boob.

Breast Lift Surgery Quick Facts

  • 5-7 days off from work.
  • Soreness, discomfort and fatigue for the first 1-3 days.
  • Bruising and swelling will be most visible on the breast for the first couple of weeks, and will gradually disappear. Residual swelling can take several months to a year to fully subside.
  • After the second or third day, you’ll be able to take a shower. At this time, the surgical bra can be removed.
  • If drains are placed (one in each breast), they will be removed after one week.
  • Take antibiotics and pain medication if necessary, as advised.
  • Limited physical activity for 8 weeks after surgery: don’t lift anything over 10 pounds for 4-6 weeks, don’t increase your heart rate above 100 beats per minute for 3 weeks with exercise and sexual activities, and don’t do stretching exercises for 3 weeks
  • Sleep on a steep incline for six weeks. A beach chair works well.
  • No driving until one week after surgery.
  • Leisurely walk around in the first couple weeks of your recovery to minimize the risk of blood clots.
  • Don’t wear underwire bras for at least 4 months after surgery, especially if you have an incision in the breast crease or implants.

Five Tips for the Fastest Recovery From A Breast Lift

  1. Aside from following your surgeon’s post-op instructions closely, one of the best ways to recover from your breast lift is to focus on giving your body the time to heal. That means you should devote yourself to relaxing and having “me time”. Stress can be detrimental to the recovery process, so it’s important that you just sit back and enjoy the time off.
  2. As you heal from the surgery, your body needs nutrients and vitamins. You can only get these from a healthy diet, including fresh vegetables, fruit, clean protein sources and plenty of water. We recommend that you start eating right a couple of weeks before you have your surgery as well. The healthier you are, the easier your surgery and recovery period will be.
  3. Be conscious of your condition and monitor your recovery. You’ll have several follow-up appointments scheduled with your surgeon to monitor your progress during your recovery. However, you should keep a close eye on your condition as well. Being conscious of your condition can help detect any unusual symptoms of complications early on, like swelling, fever, pain and discharge. While complications are very rare among our patients, it’s always easier to treat them in their early stages.
  4. For the first month and a half after surgery, don’t lie flat on your back while resting or sleeping. It’s important that you stay on an incline to minimize swelling and bruising.
  5. For less visible scars, you’ll need to first take care of your incisions. Practice good hygiene and clean your incisions as directed by your surgeon. Once your absorbable sutures have dissolved and your incision lines are closed, you can start using silicone gel or silicone sheeting. Your surgery scars will take about a year to fully mature. The most important thing that you should do during this time is to avoid exposing them to the sun. UV damage can make your scars darker and more visible. Once you’ve recovered from your surgery, you’ll enjoy long lasting results that you can maintain with a healthy lifestyle. However, you should know that pregnancy, aging and weight loss or fluctuations may negatively impact your results.

Enjoy Your New Look After Your Breast Lift

Our patients in Paramus frequently express how much their appearance and self-esteem improves after a breast lift. They no longer feel old, unattractive, and unfeminine, making the procedure one of the most gratifying of any cosmetic treatment. You want to enjoy the same benefits.

The sagging of your breasts will only get worse if you don’t do something about it now. Call (201) 444-9522 to book your private breast lift consultation with our talented board-certified plastic surgeon in Paramus.

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