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Patient Video Testimonials


Breslow center testimonials

Welcome! This is the Video Website of the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery where you will find five different categories of videos. Our videos include the following: patient testimonials, patient procedures, patient education, real patient experiences, and Dr. Breslow in the news.

Patient Testimonials

View patients of the Breslow Center for Platic Surgery as they provide candid accounts of their experiences in these video testimonials.

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Patient Procedures

To learn more about the procedures and services we offer and what each procedure entails, watch these patient procedure videos of actual patients undergoing treatment at the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery.

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Patient Education

These videos serve to answer some of the more common questions that patients have about the many procedures offered at The Breslow Center For Plastic Surgery. These include Facelift, Fillers, Botox, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Tummytuck, and Liposuction.

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Real Patient Experiences

These videos show the real experiences of actual patients who have undergone procedures at The Breslow Center For Plastic Surgery. It tracks patients’ experiences with us from the initial consult, through their procedure(s), through their follow-up visits

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Dr. Breslow in the News

These videos highlight Dr. Breslow’s appearances on various news shows where he talks about different plastic surgery issues ranging from Mommy Makeovers to Facial Transplantation Surgery.

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