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Are your breasts flat or deflated-looking? Are they of noticeably different sizes? Are they starting to lose their battle with gravity and beginning to sag? These sorts of issues can have a very real impact on your self-confidence, your love life, and even your general happiness. And no matter what you do, the older you get, the more the problem progresses.

Nothing can change the genetics of an inherited smaller bust line. Plus, all “natural” bust enhancers are either temporary, wildly overstate their effectiveness, or flat-out don’t work – that’s why none are approved by the FDA. Your best bet for long-lasting larger breasts with a natural look and feel is surgical breast augmentation.

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According to a survey study published in a recent edition of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Medical Journal, 225 women were asked about their breast augmentation results. A staggering 98% reported that their results “met or exceeded their expectations,” with over half rating their results a perfect 10 out of 10!

Breast augmentation, known in medical terms as an augmentation mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure that:

  • Enhances the size or volume of the breasts
  • Improves the breasts’ shape
  • Restores fullness to the breasts
  • Corrects breast asymmetry
  • Provides a subtle lift for mildly sagging breasts
  • Allows you to feel more womanly and sexier

Due to its high satisfaction rate, safety and effectiveness, breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedure in the country. Some 300,000 procedures are performed every year, reports the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

5 Reasons to Get Your NJ Breast Augmentation at The Breslow Center

There are countless surgeons out there who perform breast augmentation, but only The Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery can offer you all of these unique benefits:

1. You’ll benefit from award-winning expertise.

Dr. Breslow has been practicing for over a decade, and has performed hundreds of breast augmentation procedures in that time. With countless highly satisfied patients, thanks in no small part to our award winning professional service and achievements, it’s no wonder so many of our current patients have been referred to us by former patients!

2. You’ll be able to resolve moderate sagging without a lift.

If you have minor to moderate sagging, you won’t have to get a breast lift. We’ll help you select the right implant shape and size to give you the lift you need.

3. Your surgery will be conducted in a private facility.

The Saddle River Valley Surgical Center, our private surgical facility, is:

Our surgical facility is located in the same building as The Breslow Center. That means your consultation, operation, and all post-op follow-up appointments will be at the same place for your convenience and safety. Each of our state-of-the-art operating rooms is fully staffed by highly trained, licensed, and board-certified medical professionals.

Our surgical center not only includes cutting edge operating rooms, it also features fully equipped pre- and post-operative areas, as well as a comfortable waiting area for your loved ones accompanying you on the day of your surgery or appointments. Many of our patients find it comforting to know that their loved ones are in the next room.

4. We apply techniques to help create the ideal cleavage.

Your breast positioning and other aspects of your anatomy dictate how much cleavage you’ll have after surgery. However, we know cleavage may be one of your aesthetic concerns. That’s why Dr. Breslow is able to apply specific techniques to help you maximize how much cleavage you can get.

5. Your consultation will help you make informed decisions about your treatment.

There are a lot of decisions to be made before your breast augmentation, and Dr. Breslow is there to help walk you through every step of the way.

Your consultation can actually begin online before coming in for your full consultation through Zwivel, a private and secure platform linked to our practice website. By clicking the Zwivel link on our website, you can privately tell the doctors your concerns and desired procedures, discuss your budget and timeframe, and even upload photos and videos.

During your full consultation, your breast anatomy will be assessed, along with your medical history, as well as your personal, aesthetic goals for the surgery. With help from Dr. Breslow, you’ll need to decide on the type of implant you want, which incision pattern is best for you, and the placement method you would prefer.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Actual patients of The Breslow Center. Click here to view more NJ breast augmentation patients.

Types of Breast Implants


As the name implies, these implants are filled with saline, a sterile saltwater solution. This kind of implant is filled after it is inserted into the body, allowing a minor adjustment in size during your surgery to achieve the aesthetic outcome you want. In the rare event of rupture and deflation, the saline can be easily absorbed by the body.

That being said, these implants may not be the best option for women with naturally smaller breasts, thin skin or little breast fat. This is because it could increase the risk of visible rippling below the surface of your breast skin.


More closely matching the look and feel of natural breast tissue than saline implants, silicone implants are much less prone to visible rippling below the skin. This type of implant is more pliable because the cohesive silicone gel feels much like a soft “gummy bear”.

Incision Patterns


The incision is made around the outer edge of the areola, along the lower border and results in barely visible scarring, since it is camouflaged well by the darker coloring of the areola. Unfortunately, it might not be an option for women with smaller areolae. The ability to breastfeed after the procedure may be compromised, so if you’re concerned about that you may want to consider another incision placement.


This incision is made horizontally, within the natural crease where the breast meets the body. This crease is known as the inframammary fold. While a short scar results, this incision placement makes positioning of the implants easier.


A short incision is made in the armpit, where the resulting scar remains well hidden. It is considered a good option for the placement of saline implants. However, it can make positioning of the implant more difficult.

breast incision patterns
Incision patterns

Placement Options

Subglandular breast implants

This involves placing the implant below the breast gland tissue, but on top of the chest muscles. This placement may not be ideal for saline implants because of their known issues with visible rippling and wrinkling, which can be a concern for women with thin skin or too little fatty breast tissue to properly cover and support the implants.

Submuscular breast implants

In this placement method the implant is positioned below the breast gland tissue and partially below the chest muscles. Also known as dual plane, this option comes with a slightly more intense recovery period, but may be the best choice to help cover the implants properly.

Studies show that it can also reduce the chances of a small number of complications, including capsular contracture (a hardening and tightening of the scar tissue around the implant that can lead to a rupture).

What to Expect During and After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Unlike other, more generalized surgeries such as abdominoplasty, a breast augmentation procedure is highly customizable to your own breasts’ anatomy and personal goals. The details of your specific surgery will be based on the options you and your surgeon will have discussed during your consultation. In all cases, the procedure will be performed at The Saddle River Valley Surgical Center.

The exact length of the surgery varies depending on the type of breast implant and technique employed, but it usually lasts no more than one to three hours, and doesn’t require an overnight stay. You’ll be able to go back home after a short period of observation under the dedicated care of our staff. Although we provide a comfortable room in which you can recover, most of our patients appreciate the fact that they can return to their home on the same day as their surgery.

While you may notice some swelling in the weeks following your operation, our post-operative instructions will help you speed up the natural healing process. Since our primary concern is your safety and satisfaction, we also like to take things one step further by scheduling several post-op appointments. These allow us to keep a keen eye on your healing, as well as address any concerns you may have.

Your first follow-up appointment will be a day or two after your surgery, with a PA or nurse. Dr. Breslow will then see you a week later, a month later, 3 months later, and finally one year after your surgery. You can set additional follow-up appointments after a year, and until you’re completely comfortable with your results and experience.

Five Tips For a Speedy Recovery

1. Before you even come in for your surgery, try to make sure your life for the next few weeks will be as simple as possible.

Make your meals in advance. Bring things down from high shelves so you won’t strain yourself trying to reach them. If you feel like it will bother you during your recovery, clean the house before your surgery. Lay out your clothes ahead of time, and make sure to choose shirts that don’t have to be pulled over your head. You’ll appreciate the effort later.

2. Try to massage your new implants every 2 hours while you’re awake as you recover, if we recommend this to you.

Effectively moving your new implants around as the surrounding tissue heals helps to keep the scar tissue capsule that forms as generous as possible, minimizing the chances of significant contracture and a rupture.

3. You’ll need to sleep with your head elevated for 2 weeks (a beach chair works great), and on your back for 6 weeks.

If you find a beach chair to be too uncomfortable to sleep in, you can sleep in bed; just be sure to pile several pillows under your head, and at least 1 or 2 under your knees. This position helps prevent unnecessary swelling.

4. After 6 weeks you can start using silicone sheeting or scar cream.

Your incisions should be fully closed before you start doing this. These products are available at our office: our staff can advise you on which ones to use, depending on the incision pattern.

5. Stay positive! It may be a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a reason.

Your state of mind can have a profound impact on how your body handles the stress of surgery and recovery — even scientific studies have shown that thinking positively helps! A positive attitude is an important part of any speedy recovery.

Your New Firm, Full Breasts

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, and with good reason! Our New Jersey breast augmentation patients are consistently satisfied with the procedure’s ability to create or restore the breasts to a firm, full, youthful and natural feel and shape.

Once fully recovery, our patients love their new bust line, and so will you! You’ll feel confident wearing clothes that show off your new cleavage, enjoy a boost in self-esteem, and have the knowledge that you look as good as you’ve always wanted.

Don’t waste your time and effort on options that don’t have long lasting results, don’t work as well as they advertise, or simply don’t work at all. Call (201) 444-9522 right now to book your private consultation with NJ breast augmentation expert Gary D. Breslow, MD.

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