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Large Breast Implants: FAQ and a Word of Caution
large breasts
Aug 8, 2018

If you have a wider frame, are undergoing reconstructive surgery, or simply wish to achieve a more voluptuous look, large breast implants may be right for you. However, there are some drawbacks you should also be aware of.

large breasts

How many cc’s are there in large implants?

In the United States, the largest implant you can get depends on the type of material (silicone or saline) that you choose.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved silicone gel-filled implants of up to 800cc. However, 800cc implants are considered very large and are typically reserved for patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Saline implants also go up to 800cc, but — unlike silicone implants — they can be overfilled to 960cc. All saline implants have a maximum fill volume that is designated by the manufacturer, but it is fairly common for surgeons to overfill them by up to 10% of their designated volume.

Although this technique may void the manufacturer’s warranty, in certain cases overfilling helps minimize rippling and gives the implant a better overall shape.

In theory, saline implants can be filled to as much as 1400cc, but plastic surgeons generally recommend staying well below this limit. In fact, implants over 500cc can cause serious issues for most average-sized women.

Regardless of how filled an implant is, its appearance will depend on your body type and personal preferences — what may be overly large for one patient may be perfect for another. As a rule of thumb, 450cc could be considered oversized on a small person, while 600cc would be oversized on a patient with a wider frame.

What size implants should I get?

The biggest size of implant you can get depends not only on your aesthetic goals, but also on your particular body type, the specific dimensions of your chest, your current breast size, and the elasticity of your skin.

It is important to note that just because a particular implant size may look great on one person does not mean that this same size of implant will suit you. Even a 100cc difference in volume can look drastically different from one person to another.

The most common breast implant size ranges from 300cc to 450cc, which tends to produce noticeable — but natural looking — results.

Again, 800cc may be the largest implant on the market, but anything above the average implant size isn’t recommended in the vast majority of cases. If you choose larger than average implants, it is important to note the complications this may potentially cause, particularly if you have a smaller frame.

Why do some surgeons refuse to perform surgery with large implants?

Many surgeons refuse to use large or extra-large breast implants because they can cause serious aesthetic and health related issues.

Firstly, large breast implants are more likely to cause rippling. This can make the breasts look unnatural and even deformed.

Overfilling beyond the manufacturer’s recommended volume also results in much rounder breasts, producing a less natural appearance. Furthermore, overfilled implants can feel much harder than natural breasts as there simply isn’t enough natural breast tissue to cover the implant.

Large implants may also lead to a loss of normal breast contour. This includes symmastia — the creation of a uniboob — and a higher likelihood of implant malposition, which can cause the breast to sit too low or too high.

Over time, overly large breasts will stretch the skin and cause premature breast sagging that may be irreversible. Attempting to correct this sagging may require mastopexy surgery and smaller implants, resulting in additional costs, downtime, and potential scarring.

Also bear in mind that large implants can impact your lifestyle — physical activity may become more difficult, and you are more likely to suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain, as well as nipple sensation loss.

breast surgery

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What if I still want large breast implants?

In reconstructive surgery cases and for those with larger or more muscular frames, larger than average breast implants may be an entirely suitable option. Some patients may also prefer a more voluptuous or “done” look. Depending on the circumstances, surgeons may be willing to accommodate this request if the patient is ready to accept the risks.

It should also be noted that although your plastic surgeon may refuse to use large implants, there are other ways to add additional volume to your chest that are approved by the FDA. For example, your surgeon may recommend a combination of implants and fat grafting to the pectoralis muscle.

The takeaway

The largest size of implant you can get is 800cc, but this size is rarely recommended. Most plastic surgeons will simply refuse to use overly large implants.

Large implants do come with risks including aesthetic concerns, pain, and the potential need for future surgery. As such, your surgeon may recommend smaller implants in order to avoid complications and ensure that you are happy with your results.

To learn more about breast augmentation and large breast implants, contact The Breslow Center in Paramus, New Jersey today.

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