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Enjoy the Benefits of a Breast Reduction
hiding cleavage
Oct 15, 2014

Breast surgeries are the most popular cosmetic surgeries available in the United States today. While breast augmentation surgery is the most popular, there are many women who instead desire a reduction in the size of their breasts.

hiding cleavage

There are many reasons that some women desire a reduction in their breasts. Among these reasons are chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. In some of these instances, the procedure may even be covered by health insurance.

A breast reduction may be effective at alleviating the pain and discomfort associated with the following:

  • Poor posture due to the weight on your chest.
  • Breasts that are no longer proportional to your body shape.
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain that can be attributed to added weight on your chest.
  • One breast that is larger than the other.
  • Breasts that are so large that the nipples point downward.
  • Frequent skin irritations in the skin fold below the breast.
  • An inability to comfortably enjoy everyday activities and exercise because of the weight of your chest.

To learn more about breast reduction surgery and learn if the procedure may be right for you, contact the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery today.

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