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miraDry Recovery and Results: Frequently Asked Questions

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miraDry is a non-invasive treatment for excessive sweating that uses precisely controlled energy to target and eliminate underarm sweat glands. The results are dramatic and long-lasting. The treatment also works fast, with near-immediate results, and receives very high satisfaction ratings from patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis. In this article, Drs. Gary D. Breslow and Jordan P. … Continued

miraDry vs. Botox for Excessive Sweating: Which Is Best?


miraDry is a permanent non-invasive treatment for the reduction of underarm sweat, odor and hair. While Botox remains a popular option to address excessive sweating, miraDry offers several advantages. The differences between the two are outlined below. How miraDry works Electromagnetic energy neutralizes the glands that cause sweat and odor with an accompanying cooling agent … Continued

Miradry Eliminates Underarm Sweat

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In the first installment of our Breslow Banter video series, our Certified Physician Assistant Madison Goldberg and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Melissa Giordano discuss miraDry, a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment that eliminates underarm sweat and body odor. Video Transcription: Madison: As you know I’m getting married in August, and I’m really worried about how sweaty I … Continued

miraDry® : A Lasting Solution for Excessive Underarm Sweat


Do you… Sweat under your arms more than you’d like? Apply antiperspirant or deodorant more than once a day? Worry someone will see your sweat stains? Worry that your underarm sweat stains make a negative impression? Dress to hide your sweat? Avoid social situations because of your underarm sweat? If you’ve answered “yes” to any … Continued

How MiraDry Drastically Reduces Underarm Sweating


Is underarm sweating causing you undue embarrassment and shame? Are anti-perspirants and deodorants useless on your skin? Have you tried Botox injections to temporarily stop sweating, but want permanent results? If you repeatedly stain the armpits of your favorite shirts, or end every day feeling sticky or smelly, the Breslow Center has a solution for … Continued

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