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7 New Jersey Hiking Spots to Trail in the Winter
buttermilk falls
Dec 31, 2017

Even though most people go hiking in the summer, you can still go during the winter if you know the right spots. Not all hiking trails are ideal during the colder months of the year, which is why we asked The Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery‘s staff to help us compile a list of seven of the best hiking spots in New Jersey.

Mt. Tammany

mt tammany

Mt. Tammany is one of the most beautiful and scenic trails in the state of New Jersey. The hike is only three miles long but can get tiring because of the steepness of the climb. The path can get a little tricky to hike through during the winter, which is why it is advised that you use the right gear and follow a trail map.

Note that there are two trails that you can take when you go on your hike — one of them is for more experienced hikers who are ready for a challenge.

Buttermilk Falls

buttermilk falls

Buttermilk Falls is another popular hiking destination that is accessible during the winter. The actual waterfall around this area isn’t too far away from the starting point, which is why the place can get crowded at times.

If you want to enjoy the entire route and view of the area, you will have to go further along the trail. The total distance that one can cover here in five miles. You can also get a brilliant view of the Tillman Ravine.

Pyramid Mountain

tripod rock

If you are looking for a good beginner trail to take on during the winter, then Pyramid Mountain is the choice for you. The trail runs over four miles and has a good scenery around it including small streams and unusual rock formations.

The path is relatively easy to trail on and has plenty of captivating things to see. The route that you follow is also incredibly straightforward, but you can use a map if you are unsure of it and want to be on the safer side.

Sourland Mountain Preserve

sourland reserve

The Sourland Mountain Preserve might be a rocky trail, but it is a lot of fun during the winter. No vehicles are allowed on the trail because of its terrain, which means you strictly have to stick to walking only.

The path extends over five miles, but there are shorter one-mile routes for people who want to go on a quick hike around the place. The trail is mostly along a flat path with slight elevation, so it won’t tire you ours as much as other upward slope climbs.

Pine Barrens

pine barrens

Pine Barrens is another easy trail for beginners in the southern part of New Jersey. There are numerous trails you can choose from, each one of them varying in difficulty. The land here doesn’t have much elevation but makes up for it in length.

Because the Pine Barrens get little to no snowfall, the place is ideal for hiking in, even in the winter. You won’t need special snow gear to hike here, but wearing clothes that keep you warm is advised.

Apshawa Preserve

apshawa preserve

The Apshawa Preserve is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the state and is home to a varied list of species of wildlife and fauna.

The highest point of the Apshawa Preserve also gives you a brilliant view of the New York skyline.

Wharton State Forest

batsto village

The Wharton State Forest is one of those trails that’s better in the winter than in the summer. The path is relatively sandy and flat, but passes through several ponds and lakes, giving you a beautiful glimpse of the surroundings and the wildlife around.

There are several sights around the area, including the the 30 historic buildings of Batsto Village.

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