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Multiple studies have established a solid link between the gut microbiome and obesity. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds or maintain an ideal body weight, having a healthy, balanced and diverse microbiome is the key to sustained weight management.


Are bad gut bugs to blame for your weight gain? If you suffer from…

  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Stubborn body fat
  • Easy, rapid weight gain

…the good news is it might not be your fault!

Patent-pending LeanBiotics is the first weight management nutritional plan that balances your gut microbiome to help you achieve your ideal appetite, metabolism and weight.

LeanBiotics Healthy Weight Starter Kit

LeanBiotics Healthy Weight Starter Kit puts you on the right path toward reaching your weight loss goal! Our 14-day kit enhances digestive health and supports a healthy weight. Healthy Weight Starter Kit includes 1 LeanBiotics Cleanse, 1 LeanBiotics Probiotic and 14 LeanMeal RS Drink Mix packets.

leanbiotics starter kit

  • Cleanse helps restore and promote regularity
  • BIO-tract® technology guarantees delivery of 12 billion live probiotics
  • Easy-to-take probiotic pearls require no refrigeration
  • 18 grams of whey protein plus 8 grams of prebiotic fiber curbs appetite
  • Great tasting Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla flavors satisfies cravings
  • Easy-to-mix LeanMeal RS has 130 calories or less and just 1g of sugar
  • 24 vitamins and minerals cover gaps in diet
  • Gluten-free
  • NSF and NPA certified quality manufacturing
  • Made in U.S.A.

Try LeanBiotics’ Healthy Weight Starter Kit – now available at The Breslow Center!

LeanBiotics LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement Drink Mix

LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement Drink Mix helps you reach a healthy weight all while supporting a balanced microbiome!

Substituting one meal a day with Meal Replacement Drink Mix puts you on the track to fitness.

Unlike other meal replacements that only make you feel full, LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement Drink Mix provides the micronutrience, fiber, and protein that you need for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement Drink Mix delays hunger
  • Only 8 grams of Fibersol-2 are necessary to create a sense of fullness
  • Provides the vital micronutrients that you need
  • Fewer than 130 calories, and just 1 gram of sugar per serving
  • 18 grams of whey protein concentrate support your muscle mass
  • Available in both delicious French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate flavors
  • Powder mixes easily with water, and can even be added to soy, almond, or 1% low-fat milk

LeanBiotics Healthy Weight Management

Cleanse your Microbiome

Reduce the number of “obese” bacteria in your gut by eliminating the foods they thrive upon from your diet. Take LeanBiotics® Cleanse to support the body’s natural GI detoxification processes, enhance digestive health and promote regularity.

Replenish your Microbiome

Add back the beneficial “lean” bacteria by introducing foods that naturally contain probiotics. Take two LeanBiotics® Probiotic pearls to boost the number and diversity of bacteria in your gut microbiome with 12 billion live probiotics per day.

Nourish your Microbiome

Fill your diet with nutrient-dense, high-quality foods and introduce foods high in prebiotic fiber. Replace one meal a day with our delicious LeanBiotics® LeanMeal RS Meal Replacement shake to curb your appetite and keep cravings at bay. Each serving provides 18 grams of whey protein plus 8 grams of prebiotic fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied.
“LeanBiotics is the culmination of my years of experience in helping patients maintain a healthy microbiome and a healthy weight. The LeanBiotics Healthy Weight Loss Plan provides my dietary and exercise guidelines along with a product line specifically formulated to modify the microbiome in such a way that it more closely resembles that of healthy, lean people.”

Founder and Medical Director, VitaMedica




Find out how LeanBiotics can help you maintain a healthy weight. Contact The Breslow Center today!

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