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Feel Like Your Old Self With a Mommy Makeover

Once a new baby is in the picture, many mothers become dissatisfied with their overall appearance. Pregnancy and breast-feeding can take a toll on the body causing excess skin to sag after weight loss and breast tissue to droop or lose volume.

The professionals at the Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery recommend that mothers who find themselves looking for a cosmetic solution to these conditions, first adopt a healthy diet and regular exercise schedule. However, when these solutions no longer correct stubborn pockets of fat or excess skin – it may be time to consider a “mommy makeover.”

A mommy makeover is a surgical procedure that combines two or more procedures to either the breasts, stomach, buttocks or thighs – helping restore your shape and have you feeling like your old self again.

Mommy makeovers combine any of the following procedures:

Breast lift to improve the shape and contour of a woman’s breasts following breast-feeding.

Breast augmentation to enlarge the size and improve the shape and feel of the breasts.

Body sculpting is a popular treatment to smooth and tighten the skin as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite.

A tummy tuck eliminates excess skin that may develop around the mid-section following the significant weight loss following pregnancy.

Liposuction will remove stubborn pockets of fat that may not be helped by diet and exercise.

A mommy makeover can help dramatically improve your appearance in ways that diet and exercise may never be able to accomplish. If you are ready to restore your pre-baby body, consider contacting Breslow Center for Plastic Surgery to discuss a mommy makeover today.

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